The Lonely Island – I Just Had Sex feat. Akon (Video)

December 22, 2010

New single off The Lonely Island second album.  Chorus by Akon.  If you don’t know these are most famous for their song  I’m On A Boat, T-Pain’s single best song of all time.  Now this isn’t quite as good but its still funny.

Funny story and video for I’m On A Boat video after the jump:

So about a year and a half ago T-Pain was the shit.  His album Thr33 Ringz was doing well with its hit single “Can’t Believe It” reaching # 7 in the Billboard Hot 100.  He was touring and making 50 grand a show, I know because my friend booked him for spring concert at my college.  Now I’m a fan of everything hip-hop, even acts like T-Pain whose hip hop credibility is about equal to the level of The Lonely Island, so I was pumped for the concert.  However, I go to Lake Forest College north of Chicago and lets just say them country loving white boys aint to fond of that black people music.

Long story short, me the guy next to me seemed to be the only people in the concert who’d listen to T-Pain before.  We were screaming and hollering to every song when all of a sudden from the front of the concert we hear a chant “I’m on a boat! I’m on a boat! I’m on a boat! I’m on a boat!”  Now I love that song and I want to hear it more than anything in the world but you don’t chant the name of another song while he’s in the middle of performing All Of The Above.  The cries eventually die down but they continue off and on for the entirety of the performance, so much so that T-Pain turns to the portion of the belligerently crowd chanting and tells them to wait for it at the end of his set. Now if you listen to it bellow its about a three minute song with about a 50 second verse from T-Pain. The end rolls around and music for I’m on a boat comes on, the crowd goes nuts, easily twice as energetic than they’d been for the entire rest of the performance.  T-Pain is astonished like “damn you white folks must really love this song”.  He does his 50 second verse to thunderous applause.  “Again, again!” chants the idiotic audience.  He does it again.  “Again, again!”.  He does it again.  He does his verse six times in a row and people continued cheering up until about the fifth time.  The sixth time he didn’t even sing.  He just stared, arms crossed, dumbfounded by his audience.

His tour was supposed to go on for another month or so.  He cut it off after that night and stopped making music for about a year.  You want to know where T-Pain has been?  Lake Forest College, Chicago Illinois killed him.

Maybe its for the best.  Without further ado:


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